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High Level Cleaning

High Level Cleaning Services in Durban: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

Are you tired of struggling with hard-to-reach areas that need thorough cleaning? Looking for reliable high level cleaning services in Durban? We provide specialised High Level Cleaning solutions for the Manufacturing and Packaging Industries. We service the  Industrial, Commercial, and Warehouse environments. Our experienced team of cleaning technicians is dedicated to delivering exceptional results while ensuring compliance to ISO and BRC requirements.

What is High-Level Cleaning?

High-level cleaning refers to the thorough cleaning of internal areas above 2 meters within facilities such as factories, food manufacturing sites, retail units, leisure facilities, and warehouses. These areas, including ceilings, walls, light fittings, cable trays,sprinkler systems and ducting, are often challenging to clean from ground level, requiring specialised expertise and equipment.

The Importance of High-Level Cleaning

Maintaining clean and dust-free areas above 2 meters, plays a crucial role in improving air quality, which directly impacts the health and well-being of your employees. By minimizing dust accumulation, you can reduce the risk of respiratory issues and employee absenteeism. Additionally, high-level cleaning enhances the quality of your products by preventing dust contamination, thus ensuring higher standards of manufacturing. Furthermore, it aids in complying with ISO 22000 and BRC requirements, providing a safer, efficient and more hygienic environment for your operations.

High Level Cleaning Durban

Factory Cleaning Services

At East Coast Industro Services, we offer Factory Cleaning Services that are tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Our highly trained cleaning technicians are well-equipped to handle various sectors within the greater Ethekweni region, including industrial production and storage areas, factories, distribution centers, laboratories, food production facilities, and medical production facilities.

Dirty Factory Roof Screen in need High Level Cleaning done to remove fluff, dust and debris from the factory structureCleaned Factory Roof Screen using High Level Cleaning from East Coast Industro Services done to remove fluff, dust and debris from the factory structure

Our Customers High Level Cleaning Confessions

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The Challenges of High-Level Cleaning

Industrial High Level Cleaning methods often come with their own set of challenges. Working at heights poses significant risks, and the setup and maneuvering of scaffolding and elevated platforms can be time-consuming and costly. Additionally, the interruption of productivity during cleaning, the need to cover machines and raw materials, and the requirement for secondary cleaning of floors and equipment contribute to inefficiencies.

Our High Level Cleaning Approach

We make use of  a highly efficient and safe system for Factory High Level Cleaning that sets us apart from traditional methods. Our expert technicians employ cutting-edge techniques and equipment to carry out cleaning tasks with precision and effectiveness. Here’s what you can expect from our services:

Tailored Solutions

Every facility has unique requirements. Our expert team customizes the cleaning plan to address your specific needs, including the cleaning of sprinkler systems, light fixtures, ceilings, walls, ducting, cable trays, and more. 

Safe and Advanced Cleaning

Our team is equipped with specialised equipment, including carbon fiber poles and industrial vacuum cleaners, enabling us to reach heights of up to 12 meters from the ground safely. This ensures compliance with ISO 22000 and BRC standards.

Limited Disruption to Productivity

We understand the importance of uninterrupted operations. Our high-level cleaning services are designed to minimize the impact on your productivity. With our small footprint and the ability to maneuver around your machines and equipment. 

Cobweb, Dust and Debris Extraction

Using our state-of-the-art attachments, we extract cobwebs, dust and debris at the source, leaving your high-level areas clean and free from contaminants. This efficient method eliminates the need for secondary cleaning, saving you time and resources.

Factory Cleaning: Overcoming Challenges and Delivering Excellence

Maintaining cleanliness in factories presents unique challenges, especially when it comes to hard-to-reach areas and the risk of disrupting productivity. We understand these challenges and have developed a high-level cleaning system tailored specifically for factories. ATEX certified, our specialized equipment and highly trained technicians enable us to clean internal roof structures, substructures, and other elevated areas with precision and efficiency. With our system, you can ensure a clean and safe working environment while minimising downtime and avoiding the high costs associated with traditional cleaning methods.

Factory High Level Cleaning Process

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    Warehouse Dust & Cobwebs Cleaning

    Warehouse Cleaning: Effective Solutions for Immaculate Spaces

    Warehouse Cleaning can be a daunting task due to their large size, complex layouts, and the need to maintain productivity. Our high-level cleaning system offers the perfect solution to overcome these challenges. With our advanced equipment and expertise, we can effectively clean high walls, roof structures, ducting, and piping within your warehouse. Our technicians navigate through the machinery and equipment, accessing even the most hard-to-reach areas with ease. By utilising our system, you can enjoy a spotless warehouse environment without compromising productivity or resorting to time-consuming and expensive cleaning methods.

    Ensuring Safety and Compliance with High Level Cleaning

    Working at heights presents inherent risks, but with our advanced techniques and adherence to ISO 22000 and BRC requirements, we ensure safe and efficient high level cleans. Our specialist equipment, including carbon fiber poles and industrial vacuum cleaners with specialised attachments, allows us to extract dust and debris at the source, eliminating the need for costly cherry pickers or scaffolding.

    Our Compliance

    BEE Level 1 Contributor

    ECIS is a BEE level one registered company.

    COID Registered

    Compensation for occupational injuries and diseases.

    UIF Contributor

    Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) gives short-term relief to workers.


    We have Third Party Liability Cover against claims.

    Advantages of Our High Level Cleaning System

    Zero Risk Of Working At Heights

    With Innovative technology we clean up to 12m high safely from the ground

    Specialised Attachments Specific For High Level Cleaning

    Ability to access hard to reach areas with angled attachments 

    Limited To No Impact On Productivity

    Small footprint required to work from minimising production disruptions.

    Safely Clean Combustible Dusts

    ATEX certified cleaning of combustible dusts in Zone 21 and 22 environments.

    No Need For Covering Of Machinery, Stock

    Extract Dust & Cobwebs at the source prevents the need for secondary cleaning

    The Ultimate High Level Cleaning Guide You Can’t Afford to Miss

    Choose East Coast Industro Services for your High Level Cleaning requirements

    As a specialised High Level Cleaning company, East Coast Industro Services is trusted throughout the Manufacturing & Packaging industries, servicing the greater Ethekweni regions

    Overhead cleaning up to 12 meters high safely from the ground with East Coast Industro Services, you can expect exceptional service and results. Here’s why our clients trust us for their high level cleaning needs:

    Expertise and Reliability

    With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our team of dedicated professionals has the expertise to handle even the most challenging cleaning projects. We are committed to delivering reliable & consistent results.

    Safety First

    Your safety and the safety of our team is our top priority. We conduct thorough site-specific risk assessments and ensure strict adherence to safety regulations, giving you peace of mind.

    Quality Assurance

    We take pride in our work and guarantee the highest level of quality. Our commitment to compliance, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction ensures that your cleaning requirements are met with excellence to ensure your certification compliance

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is High Level Cleaning?

    High Level Cleaning services is cleaning of internal roof structures and sub structures that is higher the 2 meters. Cleaning of all roof structures such as I beams, angle Irons Channel Irons and IBR (Inverted Boxed Ribbed) sheeting. High Level Cleaning also includes cleaning of sub structures such as Ducting, cable trays, sprinkler systems, gas pipes, chiller pipes, light fixtures that are commonly found in facilities.

    Why is High Level Cleaning Important?

    The importance of High Level Cleaning is beneficial to many aspect of a business. High Level Cleaning of a facility: improves the air quality which improves employee health which helps to reduce employee absentees. Improves quality of products being manufactured, reducing dust from contaminating finished goods and raw material. Reduces risk of fire and dust explosion. Enables you to comply with ISO 22000 and BRC manufacturing requirements. Brighten your facility as dust and cobweb buildup has the ability to absorb light.

    What is your High Level Cleaning Procedure?

    Prior arriving to site our Operations manager agrees a date time and cleaning plan with your production and maintenance managers. Upon approval of our site specific risk assessment and High Level Cleaning operating procedure our technicians will arrive on site. Once on site our Operations manager will communicate with the production manager should there be any variations to the agreed schedule. A risk assessment will be conducted again and shared with your team together with mitigating measures. Once the area is safe, we will clean starting at the highest point working our way towards the floor. Once an area has been cleaned, and inspected and signed off by your representative we will proceed to the next area to be cleaned following the same procedure. Upon completion of the clean you will be presented with a cleaning certificate for your Quality assurance purposes

    How does this system compare to traditional High Level Cleaning?

    With traditional High Level Cleaning, secondary cleaning of the floor, machines & equipment is required as dust will fall to the floor from High Bay Areas. Due to this, productivity will have to be stopped due to the formation of dust clouds. Access equipment will have to be used to be able to clean hard to reach areas above 2 meters high. With our system of High Level Cleaning we are able to extract dust, cobwebs and debris at the source, with out the need for secondary cleaning( provided the dust level is less than 1mm in thickness). We are able to clean up to 12 meters high working safely from the ground by using telescopic poles

    What is High Bay Cleaning?

    High Bay dusting, High Level Dusting, High rise cleaning are all different terms commonly used for High Level Cleaning of factories, warehouses and areas that have dust, debris and cobwebs on high walls, roof structures, ducting and piping.

    How Often Should I Clean My Factory Roof and Ducting?

    The answer to this question will differ from Industry to Industry. The food packing and food manufacturing industry requires zero visible contaminants on the factory structure, so here the frequency will depend on how fast you have dust accumulating on your surfaces. As a rule of thumb, if you can write your name in the dust and you are able to read it, then it needs to be cleaned. Dust accumulation more than 1mm in thickness would be in contravention of most insurance and municipal requirements.

    Do you conduct a high level cleaning risk assessment?

    Safety is always our number 1 priority. A site specific High Level Cleaning Risk assessment is conducted during site inspections by our Operations Manager. Certified, trained and medically fit operatives have an excellent safety record of zero lost time injury hours. We are claim free for over 5 years against defective workmanship and third party liability. We work closely with your operations and safety managers to ensure we do not increase your site risk profile in any way. A risk assessment is submitted to your safety department together with mitigating measures to ensure your strict safety regulations are adhered to.




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