Cobweb cleaning 12 meters High Safely From the ground

Cobweb Cleaning

Cobweb Cleaning Services for Factories & Warehouses

Are you tired of those hard-to-reach cobwebs that make your facility look untidy? At East Coast Industro Services, we specialize in Cobweb Cleaning for factories and warehouses, providing you with a clean and safe environment to enhance productivity. Say goodbye to the inconvenience and risks of cleaning at heights!

Cleaning Cobwebs Safely and Efficiently

Our high level cleaning system allows us to work in small spaces between machines and equipment, making sure no cobweb is left behind. Whether you have a production facility, warehouse, shopping center, or commercial and industrial building, our Cobweb Cleaning services are tailored to your specific needs. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean environment, especially in the food packaging and food manufacturing industries.

Cobwebs and Fire Hazards

Cobwebs traps suspended dusts, increasing the risk of a dust explosion significantly increasing a fire risk. With machinery generating heat and sparks, the presence of cobwebs near electrical components and equipment increases the likelihood of fires. Our commitment to safety drives us to emphasise regular cobweb cleaning services as a preventive measure. By keeping cobwebs at bay, we reduce the risk of potential fire hazards, ensuring the safety of your employees and the integrity of your facility.

Before & After representation of a Factory with cobwebs that had High Level Cleaning done
Cobweb Cleaning of factory structure

Benifits Of Cobweb  Cleaning

Reformed Air quality: The buildup of cobwebs increases the amount of suspended dust accumulating in cobwebs, thereby reducing the air quality

Improve lighting: cobwebs collect dust and debris they turn black, that absorbs light, reducing the effectiveness of lights and windows

Compliance with Food Regulations: Regular cobweb cleaning helps food processing, msnufacturing facilities meet BRC & ISO food safety regulations 

Enhanced Product Quality: By removing cobwebs and dust, improves quality of products and appearence of the facility significantly.

The Art Of Removing Cobwebs Safely

Factory Cobweb Cleaning
Factory Cobweb Cleaning
Dust and Cobwebs Cleaning

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Coweb Cleaning Review
Coweb Cleaning Review
Coweb Cleaning Review

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    Advantages of Our Cobweb Cleaning Services

    Clean up to 12meters High With safely from the ground, zero risk of working at heights

    Limited to zero impact on your production, allowing you to focus on your core operations.

    Effective extraction of dust, cobwebs, and debris at the source, improving air quality and overall cleanliness

    Compliance with FSSCC 22000, ISO, and BRC requirements, ensuring the highest standards in cleanliness and safety.

    Before & After representation of a Warehouse with cobwebs that had High Level Cleaning done without the cherry pickers & scaffolding

    Choose East Coast Industro Services for your Cobweb Cleaning Requirements

    Cobweb Cleaning Services for Factories and Warehouse since 2017, ensuring that we add maximum value to your business. We understand the challenges posed by cobwebs in large facilities with high roofs, particularly in areas that produce dust. With our expertise, we can safely extract those pesky cobwebs up to 12 meters high, safely from the ground, using telescopic poles that minimise disruptions to your productivity.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I clean Cobwebs?

    Cobwebs make a facility look untidy and a sign of poor house keeping. Cobwebs collect dust and when formed around light fitting and windows, they absorb light making your facility look dark and gloomy. Having dust suspended in these cobwebs negatively affects the air quality in a facility.

    By removing these cobwebs you will immediately improve the lighting of your facility as well as the air quality, this improves the ambiance for increased productivity and quality of finished goods.

    Can Cobwebs cause a dust explosion?

    Good housekeeping greatly reduces the odds for a fire. Cobwebs them selves are not combustible. However, cobwebs trap dust and other flammable substances that is floating around, in a facility that produces combustible dusts, this suspended dust increases your risk for a dust explosion.

    A build up of dust, trash and spider webs is an invitation for fire to start in the electrical system. Cobwebs In electrical boxes and around other possible ignition sources should be cleaned up immediately.

    What is the best way to clean cobwebs?

    While a long feather duster or a broom will be perfect for removing spiders webs in your home, however in a production or warehouse facility is is not as easy due to the heights of the roofs. The best way to clean cobwebs is to make use of a vacuum that has a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrest) filter and remove the dust and the cobwebs completely. Contact us for Cobweb Cleaning of your hard to reach in your facility

    Why do cobwebs turn black?

    Cobwebs trap dusts and debris that is floating around in the air. In facilities that have FLT’s (Fork Lift Trucks) driving around produce a lot of black tyre dust due to the tyres of FLT’s breaking down. The warm rising air lifts this dust to the higher areas in a facility causing them to get trapped by the cobwebs, making them black.Cobweb cleaning is essential for maintaining a safe and productive working environment

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