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Flooded Carpet Cleaning

Flooded Carpet Cleaning in Durban | Prompt and Professional Extraction Service

Are you facing the nightmare of walking into your office or home only to discover flooded carpets? Don’t panic; we’re here to help. At East Coast Industro Services, we understand the urgency and importance of timely action in the aftermath of a flood. Our expert team specialises in flooded carpet extraction services, available 24/7, to help you salvage your prized assets.

Flood Extraction Services

When it comes to flooded carpets, immediate action is crucial. That’s why we offer prompt and professional flooded carpet extraction services, employing state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to minimize damage and restore your property to normal as soon as possible. Our specialized water extraction process efficiently removes the majority of water, reducing drying time, preventing secondary damage, and inhibiting mold growth. Remember, you have a limited window of 24 hours to react and prevent mold development.

Flooded Carpet Cleaning Before Flooded Carpet Cleaning After

What to Do with a flooded Carpet?

Prevent Electrocution

Switch Off All Plugs On Your DB Board

Turn Off The Water

Locate and Isolate the water leak to prevent further damage

Stop The Water From Spreading

Use towels or any other type of barrier to contain the water

Take Pictures

Document the extent of the damages for your insurance purposes

Prevent Damage To Furniture

Lift curtains off the ground, and all furniture to prevent wood from swelling & metal rusting

Remove All Loose Items Off The Carpet

Lift curtains off the ground, and all furniture to prevent damage to wood & metal

Remove Excess Water

Sweep out as much water as possible, use buckets, bowls, jugs or anything that can help collect water

Work From The Furthest Point Of The Source

Start removing water at the lowest point in room where water is the deepest

If you are feeling overwhelmed contact East Coast Industro Services for help with your flooded carpets

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    Choose East Coast Industro Services for Flooded Carpet Cleaning

    Flooded carpets? Our team is highly experienced in flooded carpet extraction, ensuring your personal safety and asset protection is out highest priority. We make use of industrial equipment specifically modified to clean flooded carpets. We prioritize the well being of our clients while delivering efficient and effective results.

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    Frequently asked Questions

    What is the best way to clean a flooded carpet?

    Removing excess water is your number 1 priority. A commercial wet and dry vacuum cleaner will be your best option for this. Remove all excess water until carpets are damp. Bear in mind that concrete has the ability to absorb water. If water was standing long enough, there is a good chance that this water would have absorbed into the concrete. If this is the case, the only way for the concrete to dry is through the carpets. You will find that even thou you removed all the water, the carpets may still get wetter over the next few hours. You need to remove this water until this no longer happens. The primary cause of damage in the carpet by flooding is bacteria, which is the reason you have to steam clean them. If the flooding was due to rain or a burst sewer pipe, it is advised to steam clean your carpets to disinfect against any pathogens and bacteria that may have been carried in by the water.

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