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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Ultimate guide to Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning is an indispensable responsibility that many homeowners ignore. Grimy carpets not only appear unpleasant but can also foster deleterious bacteria, allergens, and other contaminants. However, with several carpet cleaning techniques and services available, it can be arduous to ascertain the appropriate one for your requisites. We will scrutinize some of the most prevalent carpet cleaning techniques, including the Bissell Spot Clean Pro, professional carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, and more in The Ultimate Guide to Professional Carpet Cleaning Services.


Carpets are a substantial investment in any abode. They can augment warmth and comfort to a chamber, and they can also be a notable expense. Nevertheless, carpets demand frequent maintenance and cleaning to perpetuate their facade and prolong their lifespan. In this manuscript, we will probe the diverse carpet cleaning techniques accessible and how to elect the accurate one for your needs.

Why is Carpet Cleaning Important?

Carpets are a hotbed for dust, grime, mites, dead skin cells and other pollutants. Without proper cleaning, these particles can accumulate in your carpet, culminating in health quandaries and allergies. Filthy carpets can also have an adverse impact on the overall appearance of your office and home, making it appear rumpled and uninviting.

Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods

Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning

Chem-Dry is a prevailing carpet cleaning technique that employs a carbonated solution to eradicate dirt and stains from carpets. This technique is renowned for its ability to dry rapidly, enabling office owners to revert to their activities within a few hours. However, Chem-Dry is not without its drawbacks. The solution utilised in this technique can leave behind residue, which can allure dirt and other particles to the carpet, rendering it appear dirty again in a minuscule amount of time. Additionally, Chem-Dry may not be able to  eliminate deep stains ,dirt, mold and bacteria from carpets. Chem -Dry uses a chemical based cleaner, continues exposure to this  may not be safe for children and adults.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

 Dry carpet cleaning is a technique that employs specialised equipment and solvents to clean carpets without utilising water. This technique is good for business and home owners who possess carpets that are particularly delicate or prone to shrinking. However, dry carpet cleaning may not be as effective at eliminating deep stains and dirt as other techniques. Furthermore, the chemicals employed in this technique can be detrimental to pets and small children, so it’s imperative to take precautions when utilising this technique.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services.

Professional carpet cleaning is a comprehensive technique that encompasses deep cleaning carpets utilising specialized equipment and solvents. This technique is impeccable for home and business owners who desire to ensure that their carpets are meticulously cleaned and who are willing to invest in the cost of a professional cleaning amenity.

 Professional carpet cleaning services can be costly, but it offers a myriad of advantages over other techniques. For instance, professional cleaners have access to specialised equipment and SABS approved solvents that can efficaciously eliminate deep stains and dirt from carpets, leaving them appearing and smelling like new.

Bissell Spot Clean Pro

The Bissell Spot Clean Pro is a prevalent carpet cleaning utensil that is designed to eradicate stains and dirt from carpets and upholstery. This tool is impeccable for homeowners who require to spot-clean their carpets habitually and who opt for a convenient and user-friendly tool for this chore. This is a great option for maintaining a carper that has been cleaned by professional carpet claning services. However, the Bissell Spot Clean Pro may not be as effectual at deep-cleaning carpets as other techniques. Furthermore, it can be time-consuming to clean vast areas of carpet utilizing this tool, so it’s best utilised for small or isolated stains.

Genisis Steam Cleaner

Like the Bissell Spot Clean Pro, the Genisis Steam Cleaner is a good option to spottreat carpets that have been cleaned by professional carpet cleaning services. The Genisis steam cleaner cannot reach the high temperatures and pressure required to deep clean and disinfect your carpets like a professional can.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Benefits of High-Temperature Carpet Cleaning One of the most efficacious techniques of carpet cleaning is high-temperature carpet cleaning, which employs hot water and high temperature steam to eradicate dirt and stains from carpets. This technique use by professional carpet cleaning services is impeccable for home and office owners who require a thorough cleaning and want to avoid chemicals or solvents. High-temperature carpet cleaning can eliminate deep, dirt, mold, bacteria, dead skin cells and fungus from carpets, leaving them with a neutral fragrance. The health benefit of this is improved air quality for employees and families.

Carpet Steam Cleaning East Coast Industro Services
Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning East Coast Industro Services with 170°C Steam

Steam Cleaning services

East Coast Industro Services make use of a Carpet Steam Cleaning System that is certified by the Institute For Hygiene & Microbiology. 5 star rated professional carpet cleaning services with over 55 happy customers on Google

This System steam cleans at 170°C at 8 Bars of pressure to penetrate deep into the plies of your carpet to removes all contaminants and disinfect your carpets in 1 step.

This enables us to remove mold, dead skin cells, dust mites, bacteria, pathogens, odors, fungi and most stains from your carpet.

We are use as little as 1 liter of water to clean 3m² of carpet. This environmentally friendly cleaning service means that in room temperatures above 22°C will result in carpets drying within 2-3 hours

Having the only system of cleaning that is Certified by the Institute For Hygiene & Microbiology means that this is safe for use from Operating theaters to pet shelters and any area in between. Ready to take your carpet cleaning to the next level, reach out to East Coast Industro Services for Professional Carpet Cleaning Services.


How Much Water is Used in Carpet Steam Cleaning?

We use as little as one liter of water to clean three square meters of carpet. This environmentally friendly cleaning service means that in room temperatures above 22°C, carpets dry within 2-3 hours.

What is a Professional Carpet Clean?

Technician Cleaning a Carpet using Steam with the dirt visible in the recovery tank

Professional carpet cleaning service is the process of steam cleaning and disinfecting your carpets or rugs by using specialised equipment and expertise. Steam cleaning is the most common method of professional carpet cleaning. It works by injecting high-pressure Steam at 170°C into the carpet, effectively removing dirt, grime, and other allergens.

Should I Get a Professional Carpet Cleaner?

YES! A professional carpet cleaner has the expertise and specialized equipment needed to remove all dirt, debris, and allergens from your carpet, leaving it fresh, clean, and looking like new. It’s highly recommended to have a professional carpet cleaner come to your office or home for a more thorough cleaning. This is especially important if your household is prone to spills or accidents that are difficult to clean.

What are the Three Most Common Ways to Clean Carpet?

The 3 most common carpet cleaning methods are encapsulation, steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning
• Encapsulation cleaning is one of the newer commonly-used methods, and it needs no water to work.
• Steam cleaning, is the most common and effective method of cleaning carpets.
• Carpet dry cleaning uses specialized solvents to break down dirt and debris, while bonnet cleaning uses a spinning pad to absorb dirt from the carpet.

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